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Van Aelst Jozef
25.August.2009, 10:58
Hello guys, have seen in Moers and Duisburg Rahm that most boatdrivers use for mono B races Polyquest lipo's.
Want to use V2 PQ-6000XP 4s1p or V2 PQ-5050XQ 4s1p in a cat on 8s (Wild thing or drifter M). Runtime estimated 7-10 minutes.

What is your experience with these type of batteries? Can I compare these lipo's with Kokam? Seems that SLS is not so durable???
Need Polyquest warming-up??
And last question, want to buy in EU countries, not in the States or Far East. Could not find a supplier here.
Were do you buy these??

Thanks for your info, feedback and comments.
Regards .

Jef from Belgium

25.August.2009, 16:40
Jef, there are some people who use Polyquest cells. The new V2 series are supposed to have better cycle life than the older versions. The discharge curve is now quite similar to Kokam cells, with a slight drop in voltage after about 80% capacity. I have tested XP6000V2 (25C), XQ5050V2 (30C) and LP6100V2 (18C). All should work well for your setup.

But also CAP 5500, Hyperion 5500 or the latest SLS 35C cells - which all don't have that significant voltage drop at the end. Make sure to get cells with at least 2C charge rate. These seam to be the latest, improved technology which gives you better cycle life.

I got my cells directly from Enerland. I haven't found a dealer for them here in Europe either.


Van Aelst Jozef
25.August.2009, 17:25
Joergn, thanks for answer.
Can I ask you were you have ordered, there are 2 Enerland locations in Korea (refer to :
1)http://enerland.com/img/cont/icon01.gifAddress : 355, Gusan-dong ,Ilsanseo-gu ,Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, 411-800, S.Koreahttp://enerland.com/img/cont/icon01.gifTel : +82-31-925-7911http://enerland.com/img/cont/icon01.gifFax : +82-31-925-7912http://enerland.com/img/cont/icon01.gifEmail : info@anyrc.com (http://javascript<b></b>:msg();)http://enerland.com/img/cont/icon01.gifURL : www.anyrc.com (http://javascript<b></b>:msg();)
2)e-mail : Customersupport@enerland.com (Customersupport@enerland.com)
254-1, Maekok-Ri, Hobup-Myun, Ichon-City, Kyunggi-Do, 467-821, S.Korea
Tel :82-31-639-2828 Fax : +82-31-639-2833

Have you had problems with customs? Was there the normal VAT to pay? Were there additional costs? Have you a pricelist or price indication?
Please feel free to send via forum or directly via pm if you find that it is confidential.


29.August.2009, 15:33
my experience with two PQ-4500-XQ 30C 4S packs is that these cells are crap. after one season (bought them in august 2008) and maybe 22-25 cycles they dont give any power anymore. they behave like cheap china-cells with 15C.
and yes, they have always been stored at 60%, have been only charged for the day of use and no, they never got shortcut or discharged to a voltage under 3,1V/cell (i am using the schulze lipodimatic-safer). my setups are highpower but not that heavy that 30C-cells should get killed.
maybe the new pq-celltypes have a longer lifetime but for now i am happy with hyperion cells.


Van Aelst Jozef
29.August.2009, 21:46
Thanks guys for your replies.
However, should appreciate to receive - if possible - also the comments and experience of the other drivers.

Seems that Hans Peter R. has very good experience with flightpower. Have heard that V2 version of Polyquest seems to be more rigid also in time

Thanks in advance.