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4.October.2008, 20:00
RC-Raceboats realized, that there is a vast of "non-german" users that perhaps wish to have their answers posted in an area, where native speakers can and will help out.
This area is though a try. We have lots of guys here, who can help you in a wide variety of languages, even though it will be the best to post your issue in english, in order to get the requested answers.

So, come and check it out !

Kind regards,

4.October.2008, 20:16
i will help as far as i can, with translations, answer to request or whatever will come..
wellcome to every no-german speaking member of this board.

greetings, Joern

4.October.2008, 20:59
great idea!!!!! :hi5:

5.October.2008, 22:03
Hi, i m not german and i m on this forum since 2 months. I think it s a good idea to open at every body. It s normal you ve got lot of foreign people, we come here to have more solutions and to look your setup because we know germans are the best for the rc boating ..

I speak french, duits and a little deutsch so i can translate for foreign people as much as possible.



7.October.2008, 13:18
hello Maleck,

its good to have people, they are interested in this board. And thank you for the praise. i hope, many other people will ask questions and get answers.

Best regards