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3.May.2010, 19:14

I'm gonna type also in English because my Deutsch is very poor :-)

Does anybody know how it is possible to order anything from Team Lindenau? The story goes that he hasn't replied for more than a year already?

Maybe he is in the hospital or so? I sure hope not..

Anyway, if anyone has more information, please provide us..

Many Regards,


3.May.2010, 20:52
What i am shurely know is Stephan isnīt in a Hospital last i know that he is serios buisy but o.K.
Did you try it once more to get some reaktion for your order/qustions.
Maybe somthing whents wrong with his Email account.
Just try it again :)

5.May.2010, 08:33
I ordered last year via eMail.
He answered I think 1 week later. and 2 weeks later I already got my Jota.

It is possible that your eMail is blocked by the SPAM filter. I get a lot of SPAM blocked mails, cause my provider set it up toooo sharp.

Try it again or ask J.N. or Larger for a phone Nr. of him.

29.May.2010, 20:08
how can i get reply from stephan......? I wont order and cant get reply from him....sending emails..... Please help me...